“We found it easy to justify joining NGC and take advantage of its many benefits.”

It was a pleasure to call NGC and have them arrange tee times before we left our home – and all the golf (including cart fees) were included in our NGC dues. Home club expenses such as cart fees, minimums, club and locker storage just disappeared. We also played other clubs in our home area and other parts of our state (California) that were members of NGC. We found it easy to justify joining NGC and take advantage of its many benefits. We use our membership and it pays for us to use it. Another benefit of the NGC is its personnel. A friendly, competent staff is always available to fulfill our every wish to play. If you like to golf when you travel, you owe yourself a look at this wonderful opportunity.

– Jeff & Katherine Szem

We thoroughly enjoy the opportunity that The National Golf Club has provided, enabling us to play nice courses during our travels to Hawaii, Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas. The staff is extremely helpful, and responsive to our needs.

- Gary & June Masada

“enabling us to play nice courses during our travels”

“NGC has provided a wonderful opportunity to play so many great golf courses.”

NGC has provided a wonderful opportunity to play so many great golf courses. It has been a pleasure to play not just public courses but so many private clubs as well... I would highly recommend the program to anyone who loves golf and loves playing different golf courses. If you travel it is the BEST way to play, I have planned whole vacations around my play with NGC clubs. Love the program!

- Dr. Tom Barkey

We have been NGC members for over 10 years and love it. All the great golf courses, the special events, and the always friendly & helpful staff makes being a member a very pleasurable experience.

– Craig & Glenna Miller

“We have been NGC members for over 10 years and love it.”

“We are very happy with our NGC membership because we travel a lot and usually wherever we go, there is an NGC course to play.”

We are very happy with our NGC membership because we travel a lot and usually wherever we go, there is an NGC course to play. We also have a place in the desert and play many courses there. We enjoy playing different courses that this membership offers, rather than the same course time after time. It is great not to have any minimum to worry about, and cart charges, etc. We have recommended NGC to many people who have joined. We have quite a few members from our home club, SeaCliff. It's fun getting together with everyone for the special events held by NGC. The staff is also very friendly and handles our reservations quickly.

- Frank & Jeanie Gibson

I have enjoyed being a member of NGC for many years. I particularly enjoy your courses in Oregon, and when on vacation in California and Hawaii. I am looking forward to your courses in sunbelt states for future vacations. Your concierge staff does a great job.

– Doug Ragen

I have been a member of NGC from the beginning. It has greatly enhanced and expanded my golfing experience.

– Dr. Leo Roberts

NGC has provided me with a pleasant way to enjoy golf wherever my travels take me. The staff has always been courteous and efficient in arranging my tee times.

– David Mercer

I have really enjoyed my National Golf membership experience over the past 12 years. I am one of the initial members and have really enjoyed the flexibility of experiencing amazing golf all over the country and some very exclusive country clubs. Most of all I love the customer service attributes that go along with my membership, such as the concierge service – the people who are always cheerful and accommodating, answering questions and making recommendations when I request new courses in the area I'm traveling to. The ability to store my bags, have my shoes cleaned, take my friends or professional colleagues along with me to many exclusive country clubs is an amazing first-class experience. I highly recommend membership to The National Golf Club. As long as I can walk and play golf, I will be a member of National Golf.

– Sonja Hagel, RN MBA

The convenience of a concierge to make reservations and not having to pay each time we play at an away course is a big benefit.

– Squire Junger